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Our love of chickens started in Poway in 2015 when we brought home our first 7 chickens. The "plan" was to have up to 9 chickens - just enough for eggs for the family but because of our love of our chickens, we soon were up to 20 chickens! In 2017 we moved to Texas on several acres and soon we had over 200 chickens in our breeding program - not even counting the babies! That's when we officially became the Bizzy Barnyard - a family-run chicken business! Now we are back home in Poway and we are ready to share our love of family-friendly, funny and healthy chickens with families that want to enjoy raising their own flock of happy hens!



The Bizzy Barnyard is dedicated to bringing you quality, farm fresh eggs, and baby chicks from happy hens. Our chickens are raised with love and care in Poway, California, with space to forage and explore. Our chickens spend their day free-ranging and hanging out with their farmyard friends. 

We have many different breeds of chickens but we specialize in breeding and raising Polish, Silkies, and Cochins. These breeds have an overall sweet temperament and when raised by hand, are great with little kids and families - plus they are very unique looking and provide great entertainment each day!

We started raising chickens in California in 2015, but our family flock really got off the ground in 2017, when we relocated to Texas. That move allowed us to create a real family farm, complete with horses, miniature donkeys, and Pygmy Nigerian goats. After 2 years of being in Texas, we moved back home to California. Here we are continuing our business to bring people quality family-friendly chickens.



This is our 3rd coop designed by the amazing San Tan Valley Coops. We cannot recommend working with San Tan Valley enough! It has 3 separate sections: 2 sections for our hens (roosting and feeding) and one section for our "teenager" chicks.



Susan Bizjack, the founder of the Bizzy Barnyard, became an authorized PT Testing Agent by Texas A&M in 2017. The Bizzy Barnyard believes strongly in good biosecurity, which includes regular flock testing and only selling birds that are healthy. Our chickens free-range regularly and are on all-organic chicken feed.

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